ORBIT{N, VT, AM} <: AbstractContinuousPost

Implementation of discrete-time integration for deterministic linear ODEs for singleton initial conditions and proper input sets.


  • δ – step-size of the discretization
  • approx_model – (optional, default: NoBloating) approximation model

The type fields are:

  • N – number type of the step-size
  • AM – type of the approximation model


If the input set is a singleton, the result is the discrete-time sequence of states that correspond to the analytic solution. If the input set is a dense set, we sample a new input signal in every step.

Reachability solutions computed with the ORBIT algorithm have its own plot recipe, producing a scatter plot. Use the markershape option to change the shape of the markers used for the scatter plot. To "connect" the points, use the option seriestype=:path. For additional options see the Plots.jl documentation.