Best Result Award: Applied Verification for Continuous and Hybrid Systems 2020

Prize announcement

The ARCH 2020 Best Result Award goes to Luis Benet, Marcelo Forets, Daniel Freire, David P. Sanders, and Christian Schilling (in alphabetical order) for their verification tool JuliaReach. The award comes with a 500 Euro prize. Congratulations!


We will give the prize to Sebastian (@sebastianguadalupe), a Uruguayan undergraduate student who collabored with us on the Julia Seasons of Contributions 2020 edition.

Sebastian will work on zonotope-based methods applied to hybrid systems. He will be writing a tool for reachability analysis of neural-network controlled systems to leverage on the JuliaReach ecosystem and sisl/NeuralVerification.jl from the Stanford Intelligent Systems Laboratory library.

Marcelo Forets
Marcelo Forets
Universidad de la República, Uruguay

My research includes developing numerical methods and software that impact decisions regarding reliability, correctness and safety of systems. I specialize on formal verification of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), hybrid dynamical systems, and robustness analysis of neural networks.