SpaceExParser is a Julia package to read SpaceEx modeling files.

The SpaceEx modeling language (SpaceExParser) is a format for the mathematical description of hybrid dynamical systems. It has been described in The SpaceEx Modeling Language, Scott Cotton, Goran Frehse, Olivier Lebeltel. See also An Introduction to SpaceEx, Goran Frehse, 2010.

A visual model editor is available for download on the SpaceEx website. See the examples in this documentation for screenshots and further details.

The aim of this library is to read SpaceExParser modeling files and transform them into Julia objects, for their inspection and analysis, such as reachability computations.


  • Parse SpaceExParser files into types defined in Julia packages HybridSystems.jl and MathematicalSystems.jl.
  • Can read arbitrary ODEs, eg. non-linear dynamics in the ODE flow for each mode.

Library Outline